HY-Pack Random Packing for Vacuum Distillation and High Pressure Absorption

A piece of HY-Pack random packing on the blue background.
HYP-01: HY-Pack random packing is the advanced products of Pall ring.

HY-Pack random packing has similar structure with pall rings, which has two layers of windows. the HY-Pack is the advanced products of Pall ring. Each window has double the number of internal fingers than Pall ring, which has larger nominal size to supply higher efficiency. Besides, the outer surface of HY-Pack random packing is designed into convex rib shape. This design can help to improve the distribution of gas & liquid and increase the loading capacity of packing. Additional, it has large flux, low pressure drop, lighter weight and better operating elasticity.

Specifications of HY-Pack random packing
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, 904L, alloy steel and so on.

Table 1: Common Specifications of HY-Pack Random Packing
Item Diameter
HYPS-01 76 1100 208 97.7 49
HYPS-02 50 3670 224 97.4 59
HYPS-03 38 9390 280 97 85
HYPS-04 25 29900 312 96.5 141

Advantages of HY-Pack Random Packing

  • Double number of internal fingers.
  • Larger void.
  • More contacting surface area.
  • 30% increased mass transfer.
  • Improve the mass transfer performance.
  • Improve mass transfer efficiency.
  • 10% higher treating performance than Pall ring.
A Larger pall ring and two smaller HY-Pack random packing on the gray background.
HYP-02: HY-Pack random packing has large flux and low pressure drop than Pall ring.

Applications of HY-Pack random packing

  • High pressure absorption.
  • Vacuum distillation.
  • Unstable and thermo-sensitive material distillation.
  • Liquid-liquid extraction.
  • Crude oil vacuum distillation.
  • Carbon dioxide washing.
  • Demethanation.

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