Pentagonal Plastic Pentagon Ring for Packed Columns

A 360° overview of plastic pentagon ring on the blue background.
PPTR-01: 360° shows of plastic pentagon ring for comprehensive understanding.

Plastic pentagon ring is a type of energy-saving and cost-effective random packing. It gets its name from its special pentagonal bottom design. Plastic pentagon ring has a unique hollow-out structure, which accelerates the flow rate and improves the gas-liquid separation efficiency. The large openings on its surface can effectively prevent the random packing from plugging and fouling. Therefore, plastic pentagon ring has high separation efficiency and good mass transfer performance.

Plastic pentagon ring has good chemical resistance, high operating efficiency and low investment cost. It is suitable for various absorption, desorption and extraction applications. This plastic random packing is extensively used in the packed columns of petroleum industry, alkali-chloride industry, chemical industry, alkali-chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection industry.

Two plastic pentagon rings show their bottom side. They have pentagonal bottoms.
PPTR-02: Plastic pentagon ring has a five-pointed star shape on its bottom.
Two plastic pentagon rings show their top side. They have round outer and pentagonal inner top.
PPTR-03: Plastic pentagon ring has a round with pentagon inner structure on its top.
Two pentagon rings show their lateral side on a blue background.
PPTR-04: Plastic pentagon ring has large openings on its lateral side.
Two pentagon ring are fitted together with one is placed in opposite side.
PPTR-05: Plastic pentagon ring can be fitted together for high filtering performance.


  • Material: PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), RPP (reinforced polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).
  • Package: plastic bags, cartons.
Table 1: The Technical Parameter of Plastic Pentagon Ring
Item Size
Surface Area
Voidage Bulk Number
Bulk Density
Dry Packing Factor
PPGT-01 38 × 12 × 1.2 246 95% 46000 112 260.3
PPGT-02 50 × 17 × 1.5 218 97% 21500 107 225.2
PPGT-03 76 × 26 × 2.5 198 96% 6500 92 207.1


  • Pentagonal bottom.
  • Large openings.
  • Large flux.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • High separation efficiency.
  • Heat and corrosion resistance.


  • Suitable for gas processing and heat transfer applications.
  • Used in various packed columns for absorption, desorption and extraction.
  • Applied in the petrochemical industry, metallurgical industries, chlor-alkali industries and chemical industries.

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