Plastic Tri-Pack – Temperature and Chemical Resistance for Water Treatment

A 360° overview of plastic tri-pack on the blue background.
PTP-01: 360° shows of plastic tri-pack for comprehensive understanding.

Plastic tri-pack is a type of random tower packing, which has hollow, spherical structure. Plastic tri-pack has a symmetrical geometry, which is made from a unique network of ribs, struts and drip rods. It is made of injection molded plastic, including PP, PE, PVC, PVDF and other materials. The most widely used diameter of plastic tri-pack is 1", 1-1/4", 3" and 3-1/2".

Available materials

  • Polypropylene (PP).
  • Polyethylene (PE).
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Chlorinate polyvinyl chloride (CPVC).
  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF).
  • Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP).
Two plastic tri-packs on the blue background and we can see the sectional structure.
PTP-02: Sectional view of plastic tri-pack.
Two plastic tri-pack on the blue background and we can see the side structure.
PTP-03: Side view of plastic tri-pack.
Two plastic tri-pack: one is standing and the other is lying on the blue background.
PTP-04: Plastic tri-pack has a hollow spherical structure with several ribs and struts.
Three big and several small plastic tri-packs on the blue background.
PTP-05: Plastic tri-pack can be customized into any size according to customers' requirements.
Table 1: The Specification of Plastic Tri-Pack
Item Size
Surface Area
Voidage Bulk Number
Bulk Density
Dry Packing Factor
PTPR-01 25 85 90% 81200 81 28
PTPR-02 32 70 92% 25000 70 25
PTPR-03 50 48 93% 11500 62 16
PTPR-04 95 38 95% 1800 45 12
Table 2: Physical & Chemical Properties of Different Materials of Plastic Tri-Pack
Material/Performance Density
(After Injection Molding)
Operation Temperature
Chemical Corrosion Resistance Compression Strength
PE 0.98 90 good >6.0
PP 0.96 >100 good >6.0
RPP 1.2 >120 good >6.0
PVC 1.7 >60 good >6.0
CPVC 1.8 >90 good >6.0
PVDF 1.8 >150 good >6.0

Features of plastic tri-pack

  • High mass transfer efficiency.
  • Evenly gas and liquid distribution.
  • High surface area.
  • Extremely low pressure drop.
  • Temperature and chemical resistance.

Applications of plastic tri-pack

  • Gas absorption and purification.
  • Gas & liquid separation.
  • Liquid extraction.
  • Water treatment.
  • Biological filtration.

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