Metal Super Raschig Ring - Your Optimal Packing Solution

Metal super raschig ring is a kind of superior metal random packing. It can be made from carbon steel or stainless steel. The stainless steel material is available in many types, such as SS304, SS304L, SS410 and SS316.

Metal super raschig ring is characterized by high mechanical strength, good loading capacity and uniform gas-liquid distribution. It has better loading capacity than the metal raschig ring. Compared with the general random packing, its load capacity is increased by 30%. And its pressure drop is reduced by 70%. Metal super raschig ring is suitable for heavy-duty packing. Due to its unique streamlined design, it performs well in avoiding droplet formation. This type random packing has excellent mass transfer efficiency and low operating costs. It is widely used in the petrochemical industry, metallurgical industries, chlor-alkali industries and chemical industries.

There is a metal super raschig ring. It has a corrugated structure.

MSRR-01: The unique corrugated structural design greatly improves metal super raschig ring's gas-liquid distribution effect.

Two metal super raschig rings on a blue background.

MSRR-02: Due to its high mechanical strength and good loading capacity, metal super raschig is fit for heavy task.


  • Material: carbon steel; SS 304, SS 304L, SS 410, SS 316, SS 316L.
  • Package: plastic bags, cartons.
Table 1: The Technical Parameter of Metal Super Raschig Ring
Item Size
Bulk Density 304
Surface Area
Voidage Dry Packing Factor
MSRT-01 0.3 230 180000 315 97.1% 343.9
MSRT-02 0.5 275 145000 250 96.5% 278
MSRT-03 0.6 310 145000 215 96.1% 393.2
MSRT-04 0.7 240 45500 180 97.0% 242.2
MSRT-05 1.0 220 32000 150 97.2% 163.3
MSRT-06 1.5 170 13100 120 97.8% 128.0
MSRT-07 2 165 9500 100 97.9% 106.5
MSRT-08 3 150 4300 80 98.1% 84.7
MSRT-09 3.5 150 3600 67 98.1% 71.0


  • Good loading capacity.
  • Uniform gas-liquid distribution.
  • Excellent mass transfer efficiency.
  • Energy saving.
  • Low investment cost.


  • Suitable for various absorption, desorption, extraction applications.
  • Used in gas processing and heat transfer applications.
  • Applied in thermal separation processes.
  • Applied in the petrochemical industry, metallurgical industries, chlor-alkali industries and chemical industries.

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