Metal Nutter Ring – High Free Volume and Capacity

A metal nutter ring which on the white background shows the obverse side of it.
MNR-01: The obverse side of metal nutter ring.

Metal nutter ring, also called metal nutter ring packing, is a kind of new developed packing, which has a shape of saddle. Besides, there is a flanging reinforced rib with several holes on the back of the saddle. The metal nutter ring can be made from carbon steel, aluminium alloy and stainless steel SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L.

Compared with other packing rings such as metal cascade mini ring and metal pall ring, the metal nutter ring has the features of large flux, low pressure drop, high mass transfer efficiency, high operation elasticity and other advantages. Two semicircular rings of different sizes can help transverse the diffusion of liquids and renewal on the liquid surface so as to increase high surface utilized ratio. The metal nutter ring provides superior surface utilization allows for shorter packed beds and it is broadly applied to drying tower, washing tower and absorption tower.

A metal nutter ring which on the white background shows the reverse side of it.
MNR-02: The reverse side of metal nutter ring.
A metal nutter ring is placed diagonally on the white background.
MNR-03: The side view of metal nutter ring.


  • Material: aluminium, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L.
  • Package: plastic bags, palletize water proof package.
Table 1: The Technical Parameter of Metal Nutter Ring
Item Size
Bulk Density
Surface Area
Voidage Dry Packing Factor
MNRT-01 0.7 0.2 165 167374 230 97.9% 244.7
MNRT-02 1 0.3 149 60870 143 98.1% 151.5
MNRT-03 1.5 0.4 158 24740 110 98.0% 116.5
MNRT-04 2 0.4 129 13600 89 98.4% 93.7
MNRT-05 2.5 0.4 114 9310 78 98.6% 81.6
MNRT-06 3 0.5 111 3940 596 98.6% 61.9

Features of metal nutter rings:

  • Thin wall.
  • High free volume and capacity.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Short packed bed height.
  • Maximum piece-to-piece contact with minimal nesting.
  • Anti-corrosion and high temperature.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Low cost.

Applications for metal nutter rings:

  • Used in various various separation, absorption.
  • Used in degassing, vacuum distillation towers of petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry and environmental protection.
  • Applied to vacuum distillation, decarburation and desulfuration systems, ethyl benzene separation,and iso-octane, toluene systems.

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