Multifunctional Random Packing for Reaction Towers

Boegger Industech Limited is the expert in the random packing field. Boegger has more than 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing tower packing. Due to the high quality and superior performance, our random packings are well received by the domestic and foreign customers. They are exported to many countries, such as the USA, Italy, Australia and Malaysia. Boegger International Industry Limited is your reliable source of random packings.

Random packing is also called random packings, tower packing. It is a kind of filler material that is suitable for absorption, extraction, distillation, purification and other applications. Random packing is widely used in the packed towers of chemical, chlor-alkali, metallurgy, petroleum, coal gas and environmental protection field.

According to materials, random packing can be divided into three types: metal random packing, plastic random packing and ceramic random packing. Our main products are metal random packing and plastic random packing. We can supply nearly twenty kinds of tower packings, available in various materials, types, sizes and colors. Specifications can be customized upon your request. You can find metal cascade mini ring, metal super raschig ring, plastic Q-pack tower packing, plastic hollow floatation ball and other tower packings there.

Why you choose our random packing?
Strong technical support

Our company has many years of experience in the random packing field. We are specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing random packings. Our company owns a professional R&D center and more than 30 specialized technicians and engineers. Our advanced production technology and equipment are introduced from Germany. Our company is an ISO 9001 certified company. Our products have passed the test of the Quality Testing & Inspection Centre. We are committed to the structural optimization and technological innovation.

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Reliable product quality

We adopt strict product quality management and inspection systems. Each raw material is carefully selected and each production process is supervised by the skilled technician. The product will be tested by the advanced quality testing equipment. Our tower packings have high quality and superior performance. They have many advantages over the traditional random packings, such as excellent corrosion resistance, high mass transfer efficiency and long service life.

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Convenient multi-function

Random packing has wide applications. It is suitable for absorption, extraction, distillation and purification. It can be applied in decarbonization, organic acids separation, dewaxed oil extraction purification, phthalic anhydride refining and other processes. Random packing is widely sued in acid storage tanks, demineralized water tanks, carbon dioxide degassing towers, mist purification towers, ozone contact reaction towers and synthesis reaction columns.

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Comprehensive service system

Our company not only focuses on the product quality but also lays great stress on the service quality. We can provide you with the most meticulous service. We can supply the customized design, sturdy packaging, fast delivery and professional technical support. Our customer service representatives are ready to provide you with the relevant products service and corresponding optimal solutions.

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    PTFE random packing has corrosion & temperature stability and excellent mechanical performance extremely high or low temperature or corrosive environments.

    We have large stocks of random packing in metal, ceramic and plastic. Various specifications and types for your needs. Click for our most popular packings.